Aultman Home Medical

On January 17, 1892, Aultman Hospital, Stark County’s first hospital, opened its doors. With just 40 rooms and the facilities to accommodate 56 patients, the Aultman legacy of providing patient-focused care to members of the community began.
Throughout 2017, the Aultman family will be celebrating this milestone by reflecting on past innovations and planning modifications to provide quality health care services and the latest technology to our community. Together with you, we will strive to make the next 125 years healthier, still.

Be sure to check back throughout the year for a recap of our year of celebrations!
Share Your Story
Aultman’s history is really the story of a growing community. Have you had a great Aultman experience? Share your story with us!
We've Been Celebrating
For our 125th anniversary, we celebrated with our full team of employees and volunteers. Click here to find just a few of the highlights from the event.
Employee 125 Celebration
Health Care Continues To Evolve at Aultman
Aultman Hospital Still Serving Canton After 125 Years
Aultman Hospital Reaches Major Milestone
Aultman's New Historical Timeline
Nurses Week
Employee Recognition Dinner
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