Caregiver Services

CSI’s licensed nurse registries offer referrals of independent licensed, certified and credentialed caregivers who can provide home health care services within the comfort and confines of one’s home to assist with the activities of daily living or the management of complex medical conditions.CSI-Registry was formed in April 2000 as a small nurse registry company. The early years of CSI-Registry were spent growing the business, acquiring similar businesses and forming the platform for becoming part of a group of affiliated businesses that offer a broad array of caregiver-referral and caregiving services. By 2005 CSI-Registry had grown to become the largest nurse registry in the country with a service footprint covering more than 80% of the Florida population. By 2008 the group of affiliated companies that comprise CSI had developed to include CSI-Registry, with a network of 5000 active caregivers in Florida and Tennessee, and, through its other affiliated business, had diversified into Medicare Home Health services in Miami-Dade County.
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