Mr Picky's Carpet Cleaning

A person using a wand may only clean with 1-2 passes.
The quality of cleaning may depend on the person.
Because of the lack of cleaning passes, dirt may be left in the carpet. Over time this dirt and grime will work its way back to the surface of the carpet.

Our equipment

Cleans with hundreds of cleaning passes.
Our motorized machine does not get tired. The quality of the cleaning isn't solely dependant on the person.
Removes tough stains and restores matted carpet. Also removes shadowing that the manual wand leaves behind.
Our Machine cleans deeper than other methods.
Provides agitated cleaning for your carpet, similar to your washing machine.
This machine will give your carpet a near 200 degree hot water blast while it rotates. This will ensure that any remaining oils or stains will be washed away with ease.
Background Check Mobile Group LLC
Christy Prossen
5533 Southwyck Blvd Ste 208
Toledo OH 35.00
United States
Background Check Mobile Group LLC Christy Prossen
Background Check Mobile Group, LLC
5533 Southwyck Blvd Ste 101
Toledo, OH 43614

We, at Background Check Mobile Group LLC, offer a variety of quality services designed to make the entire fingerprinting process faster and more convenient for our clients.

• Live Scan Fingerprinting
• FBI Identity History Check
• State Identity History Check

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Phone: 419-210-4785
Office: By Appointment
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We, at Background Check Mobile Group LLC, offer affordable and excellent quality fingerprinting to all our clients. We want the entire process to be easier and more convenient so you can focus on getting that license or landing that job. With the help of our team of meticulous professionals, things will surely get done in no time at all.

BCI History Check – Bureau of Criminal Investigation – OHIO $35.00
FBI History Check - Federal Bureau of Investigation – USA $40.00
Both BCI & FBI Checks $66.00

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