Nannies On The Go LLC

Nannies On The Go began in 2006 when one over worked, stressed Mother of three left her corporate executive position to follow her passion. Sixteen years of hiring Nannies on her own gave her a clear idea of things she liked about the process and what she felt did not work at all. With this in mind, she designed a Nanny Agency that makes hiring a Nanny safe, efficient and transparent with a laser like focus on quality and training of the caregivers.

Now, Nannies On The Go LLC has served over 3,000 clients with a healthy registry exceeding 600 active, professional Nannies and sitters in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. To create a free Nannies On The Go Account you can sign in to our website and begin using our trusted services designed just for you.

Some of the unique qualities that Nannies On The Go Offers in the DFW area:

24/7 Customer Support. Our phones are answered by a live person, yes live, twenty four hours a day. Should you have an emergency, our staff will be contacted by phone and text to answer your question or find an emergency caregiver/sitter/nanny.

Psychological Testing: Dr. Herlihy is a Texas Licensed MD who sits on the board of Nannies On the Go. He is more than happy to conduct a personality assessment on a Nanny or caregiver for any family that requests this analysis.

On line payment services: Our convenient On-line payment system supports all major credit cards and checking accounts. To reduce the hassle, we offer all clients the opportunity and privacy for paying on-line. You can feel confident your payments will be secure as all payments are our site is equipped with an SSL certificate.

Complimentary backup Service: All permanent Clients receive complimentary back-up services. There is no charge for Nannies On The Go to provide you with a back-up Nanny or weekend Nanny once you become a permanent family. We know life happens and you may need an emergency temporary sitter when your usual Nanny cannot be there. Just call the office and we will send you over a great Nanny!
Background Check Mobile Group LLC
Christy Prossen
5533 Southwyck Blvd Ste 208
Toledo OH 35.00
United States
Background Check Mobile Group LLC Christy Prossen
Background Check Mobile Group, LLC
5533 Southwyck Blvd Ste 101
Toledo, OH 43614

We, at Background Check Mobile Group LLC, offer a variety of quality services designed to make the entire fingerprinting process faster and more convenient for our clients.

• Live Scan Fingerprinting
• FBI Identity History Check
• State Identity History Check

Call or visit our Website today!
Phone: 419-210-4785
Office: By Appointment
Mobile: We will come to you!

We, at Background Check Mobile Group LLC, offer affordable and excellent quality fingerprinting to all our clients. We want the entire process to be easier and more convenient so you can focus on getting that license or landing that job. With the help of our team of meticulous professionals, things will surely get done in no time at all.

BCI History Check – Bureau of Criminal Investigation – OHIO $35.00
FBI History Check - Federal Bureau of Investigation – USA $40.00
Both BCI & FBI Checks $66.00

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